We all know that when you get food residue on a surface, bacteria will grow. Test your dirty surface with a Testswab and it will turn purple.

Watch the Norwex Compliant Video Here: Norwex vs Raw Chicken Cleanup

Now… AFTER you clean the surface with a Norwex Enviro cloth and water, this is where the TestSwab results really shine…   Simply swab the clean surface with a second TestSwab and results will show that the surface is truly clean! Green means CLEAN!

Accept no substitutes… the proof is in the results.

I developed the TestSwab chicken test,  when I became a Norwex consultant in February 2009.  

I wanted to show my clients  a visual demonstration.  I used the TestSwabs in my shows from 2009, with amazing result every time, cleaning chicken juice off a counter using ONLY water and a cloth. I then began to share the TestSwabs with fellow consultants, so they too could have the same great tool at their presentations. 

What a concept! When I got my first Norwex cloths, I heard about all the fabulous things the Norwex Enviro cloth would do.  Being a visual person I wanted to SEE the proof for myself.   Well here it is…This amazing little TestSwab, shows the Enviro Cloth removes residue every time! 

Clients love to instantly see what the Norwex Enviro cloth will remove.
Cleaning with water is an odd concept for many people to accept. It is so much fun to see your clients reactions when you wipe raw chicken on their countertops. This powerful demo shows conclusively that the Norwex Enviro cloth removes the chicken residue every time.

* TestSwabs is the ONLY Canadian and US authorized distributor.  Accept NO substitutes.*

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