Skeptics Welcome

I was invited to a Norwex party, 5 years ago. I was told “come see how to clean your home with water and a cloth”. I am the world’s biggest sceptic, so I did not attend. Honestly, I thought those people were a little crazy”. How does that make sense? A cloth and water??

So then, fast forward two years, and I was renovating a house and needed to clean all the windows inside and out.  It was February, – 5 degrees and sunny.  Not ideal conditions for cleaning windows. So I drop my kids off at school, head over to the house with my bottle of glass cleaner, 12 rolls of paper towels and my two Norwex cloths.  I thought I bought them, I might as well try them.  So I start cleaning the windows and I’ m thinking, theses are pretty good, wow these are really good, whoo hoo why have I not bought theses before now?  My windows were streak free, clear and gleaming !!!  I was sold! I finished cleaning all the windows in the home (54 surfaces) and was done in time to pick up my kids for lunch.

All with two cloths and some water.  No stinky, harmful chemical based fumes! Just water. I was shocked, and delighted at the same time. By 5:00pm that day, I had sold 10 sets of cloths to my friends.  And my Norwex journey begins…

Streak Free Windows

Imagine streak free, gleaming windows. Sound like a dream? 

I used to hate cleaning windows, because they always looked worse after I was finished.  I would get my paper towels and glass cleaner out and clean and clean and clean and clean.  All I ended up with was, a headache from the chemical spray cleaner and a big pile of used paper towels.  My windows were still terrible.

Then I discovered the Norwex Enviro Cloth and Norwex Window Cloth.

Simply wipe your glass with a damp enviro cloth and dry it with a dry window cloth and Voila, you have perfect, streak free windows, everytime. I could not believe how easy it was to clean chemical free. No more sprays, no more paper towels, no more yucky windows.

Life is easier now.  These fabulous little cloths will do the same job on mirrors, chrome, stainless steel and appliances. If it’s shiny, this is your answer!  You can even get the kids to help!

Order yours today: Norwex Enviro Cloth and Norwex Window Cloth






Magic in a Jar

Cleaning your stovetop can be a frustrating job unless you have the proper cleaner.  The Norwex Cleaning Paste, when used with a wet Spirisponge or a wet Kitchen Scrub Cloth makes the job fast and easy. Have a look at this Stovetop cleaned with the Cleaning Paste and a Spirisponge.

This little jar has replaced most of the cleaning supplies in my home, I think of it as magic in a jar.

I use it in the kitchen:

  • to remove coffee stains in the sink and polish the stainless steel.
  • clean the handles on my white fridge
  • marks on the walls and floor.
  • the glass door on the toaster oven.
  • cooktop on your glass top stove.

In the bathroom:

  • Clean the sink and stainless steel taps
  • Clean the bathroom tiles and tub surround

What do you clean with it?

Cleans, polishes and protects in one application. Rub onto surface area and then rinse with water. Polish with a cloth if desired. Excellent on chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and sealed ceramics.

Always test on an inconspicuous spot before using.

* Not recommended for use on acrylic surfaces, brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel,

or certain flat stove top surfaces

Simple Ingredients: Marble-flour, natural soap, and trace amounts of coconut oil.

Order yours today:  Cleaning Paste


Can I clean my toilet then clean my sink with the same cloth?


Is it true that I can wipe my toilet with an Antibac cloth and then wipe my kitchen counter?

No! It’s true that the Antibac cloth kills bacteria remaining in the cloth after you’ve rinsed it, but the effect happens over the course of 2-3 hours. It is not immediate, and you could contaminate your work surface if you wipe it with the same cloth you just used to clean your bathroom.

Many people purchase the Rainbow Pack of Antibac cloths so that they can use one color for the kitchen, another for the bathroom, etc.

But even if you only have one Antibac cloth, please wash it regularly and kepe in mind that the bacteria in the cloth is not killed on contact!

About Me



I fell in love with Norwex when I purchased an Enviro cloth and a window cloth to clean the windows in a home we were renovating. I started cleaning the windows inside and out and I could not believe how clean and clear the windows were! I had streak free, gleaming, clear windows.  I was telling everyone I knew about these amazing cloths. I decided to have a presentation in my home. I then learnt about Norwex’s amazing ability to pick up everything on surfaces, using only water. Norwex showed me a faster, healthier, more effective way to clean. I was so excited I signed up to represent the Norwex line that day.

Before I knew it I was presenting Norwex at home parties.  I love educating people on cleaning their homes, faster, easier and for less money, than they ever imagined.
I now know, that we have a choice to clean our homes without chemical cleaners, and I choose Norwex!

Join My Team

Norwex is one of the fastest growing, direct sales companies in North America.  Our business is based on relationships and helping others, lead happier healthier lives. I love that when I go to work, I am teaching people that they can maintain their homes faster and easier without harmful chemicals. I get to help my hostesses earn FREE products, just by hosting a demonstration.  After hosting a presentation many of my Hostesses have chosen to become Norwex Consultants as well.

I invite you to consider the Norwex Business Opportunity.  The world is going greener and Norwex is leading the way.  People are ready and searching for ways to become cleaner and greener.  We are all hearing about the effects of toxic chemicals in our environment and buyers are ready for a change.  Are you up to the challenge?  Being a Norwex consultant is very social and very fun.  I truly love my job.  I am excited to see my clients and help teach them, their friends and family how to save time, money and elbow grease cleaning their homes. How many jobs allow you to go to a party every time you go to work?  Well Norwex does!


Join My Team!

The Norwex® mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

Everyone will find their own reason for joining Norwex – whether it is to combine family with a career, earn extra income, build a nest egg, or simply to find a productive outlet for their talents and energy. Norwex offers you an outstanding business opportunity!

Join my team and you will be the one who decides how to sell Norwex products: whether it is by using a one-to-one approach, organizing home presentations, trade shows, or through catalogue sales.

It is your decision! Part-time, Full-time, Big-time!

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